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Matrix OI™ Strip

Stem Cell Containment™ Scaffold

Matrix OI™ is a Stem Cell Containment™ PressFit Technology™ scaffold comprised of 100% demineralized osteoinducive trabecular bone. The graft maybe used in conjunction with differentiation factors such as bone marrow aspirate (BMA), platelet derived growth factors (PDGF), platelet rich plasma (PRP), and other cellular components in accordance with the physicians well-informed medical judgement.

Matrix OI™ is a Stem Cell Containment™ 100% demineralized osteoinductive scaffold processed using CellRight Technologies’ proprietary Press Fit Technology™.

The products revolutionary design uses Geometric Compression™ that minimizes the use of fixation devices that support graft placement.

MatrixCellect™ DBM Putty

Stem Cell Containment™ Scaffold

Matrix OI™ Block

Stem Cell Containment™ Scaffold

Matix-OI™ is processed using CellRight™ Technologies proprietary PressFit Technology™ that preserves native bone morphogenic proteins. The grafts are freeze-dried and sterilized using lowdose gamma irradiation to achieve a sterility assurance level of 10-6. Matrix-OI™ should be stored in ambient temperatures (59-86°F/15-30°C) and has a shelf-life of up to 5 years from the date of sterilization. Available in various shapes and sizes, including a particulate version for use in non-structural bone grafting procedures.